Virtue and the Vice: Turns One!


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Virtue and the Vice turns one today, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect back and thank all the people that lent their talents to this record: Kyle Gaffney, Steve Apple, Jake Fleming, Chris Cundy, John Sanders, Drew Fleming, Craig Hall, Megan Makeever, Luca Rodoni, Mike Oliver, Doug Wales, Dan Conwell, Lee Moran, Jeni Fleming, Sierra Kamplain, and Andrew Jefferis.

Whenever I listen to this album, I smile. Each track transports me back to a memory shared at the Shed Studio in Bozeman. It's what makes recording my favorite process. To watch each song evolve first hand is so exciting and unnerving, but the feeling is amplified when you get to do it with friends and mentors.

Most of what you hear on the album was recorded in 4 short days with bass, drums, piano, and vocals. They were bare bone tracks, but it was a start. I spent the next year and a half bringing musicians in and out of the studio. Each time adding a new layer until it "felt right." Our interactions stuck to a script. Each player would come into the studio, sit down next to me at the computer, I would play them the track, maybe sing a bit of what was bouncing around in my head, show them a sample track for inspiration, and they would somehow channel what I wanted. Not many processes in life are so sweet and satisfying. It's definitely the people that made this project so special and so much fun! There is nothing better than collaborating with people that you love and respect. I'm itching to do it all again!

- Jake