Global Music Award & Lively Times Rave for Virtue & the Vice

"Virtue and the Vice," has been awarded a silver medal for Outstanding Achievement by Male Vocalist and Album from the Global Music Awards. To view the official results click here. In addition, Montana based publication, Lively Times raves about "Virtue and the Vice" in the album's first official review. Read the review now - click here. Hard copies hit Montana newsstands this week, but the review is available to read online - click here! Mariss McTucker writes in her review;

 "It’s jazzy and suave, but with a dark undercurrent in the lyrics [...]"

“[...] multiple voices, strings, drum loops, and more [...] produce an opulent, layered sound."

"“Vocalise/Ode to Fire” is riveting. [...] His technique is outstanding; you can’t hear him take a breath unless he wants you to."

"This fella has just about the finest vocal instrument around, and it shines on this sleek album."