Virtue and the Vice: Turns One!


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Virtue and the Vice turns one today, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect back and thank all the people that lent their talents to this record: Kyle Gaffney, Steve Apple, Jake Fleming, Chris Cundy, John Sanders, Drew Fleming, Craig Hall, Megan Makeever, Luca Rodoni, Mike Oliver, Doug Wales, Dan Conwell, Lee Moran, Jeni Fleming, Sierra Kamplain, and Andrew Jefferis.

Whenever I listen to this album, I smile. Each track transports me back to a memory shared at the Shed Studio in Bozeman. It's what makes recording my favorite process. To watch each song evolve first hand is so exciting and unnerving, but the feeling is amplified when you get to do it with friends and mentors.

Most of what you hear on the album was recorded in 4 short days with bass, drums, piano, and vocals. They were bare bone tracks, but it was a start. I spent the next year and a half bringing musicians in and out of the studio. Each time adding a new layer until it "felt right." Our interactions stuck to a script. Each player would come into the studio, sit down next to me at the computer, I would play them the track, maybe sing a bit of what was bouncing around in my head, show them a sample track for inspiration, and they would somehow channel what I wanted. Not many processes in life are so sweet and satisfying. It's definitely the people that made this project so special and so much fun! There is nothing better than collaborating with people that you love and respect. I'm itching to do it all again!

- Jake

Listen: To The Montana Public Radio Interview

I had the recent pleasure of being on "Musician's Spotlight" with Montana Public Radio's John Floridis. 

Jake Koelzer, formerly of Bozeman, Montana, brings his blend of jazz-inspired blue-eyed soul to Musicians’ Spotlight. Koelzer writes texturally rich songs that are "beautiful, thoughtful, complicated, and yet completely approachable, with lyrics are smart, compelling, and meaningful."

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Global Music Award & Lively Times Rave for Virtue & the Vice

"Virtue and the Vice," has been awarded a silver medal for Outstanding Achievement by Male Vocalist and Album from the Global Music Awards. To view the official results click here. In addition, Montana based publication, Lively Times raves about "Virtue and the Vice" in the album's first official review. Read the review now - click here. Hard copies hit Montana newsstands this week, but the review is available to read online - click here! Mariss McTucker writes in her review;

 "It’s jazzy and suave, but with a dark undercurrent in the lyrics [...]"

“[...] multiple voices, strings, drum loops, and more [...] produce an opulent, layered sound."

"“Vocalise/Ode to Fire” is riveting. [...] His technique is outstanding; you can’t hear him take a breath unless he wants you to."

"This fella has just about the finest vocal instrument around, and it shines on this sleek album."

Virtue & the Vice - Now Available!

It's finally here! The NEW album, "Virtue and the Vice" is available most everywhere online for download or stream. The best and *wink wink cheapest place to purchase the album is right here on the official web store for only $7.99! Thank you to everyone who played on this project and donated toward finishing costs - I truly feel blessed to be able to make music. Enjoy!

Crowdfunding Raises "Virtue & the Vice"

The new album, "Virtue and the Vice" was successfully funded with gracious donations made through kickstarter and during  live fundraisers hosted in Portland, OR and Bozeman, MT. The proceeds raised will be used to fund closing costs of the new album, which include mixing, mastering, graphic design, packaging, and distribution. "Thank you all for your support and eagerness to aide me in my musical ventures" - Jake Koelzer

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Portland Bound

Hey Everyone,

Here's a quick update: Recently, I have relocated to Portland, OR. It was a difficult decision and move. I have such a wonderful supportive community in Bozeman, but it was time to break away and explore a larger music scene on the west coast. Recording for the new album is all complete and the 14 brand new tracks have been sent off to LA for mixing and mastering (only yesterday). I'm excited to hear what comes of it! Keep you ears and eyes peeled for further updates and chances to contribute to the new album - crowd funding style!

Love and Light - Jake